Business Law Firm of Jacobs & Dodds - Commercial Collections

The business law firm of Jacobs & Dodds specializes in handling the collection needs of businesses seeking a commercial collection law firm with time proven debt collection methods that are cost effective and efficient. Using the latest technology in skip tracing and asset location, and backed by in-house attorneys with over 30 years of commercial collection experience, our firm is capable of handling claims from inception to post judgment.  

The amount owed on each debt must exceed $50,000. 

Call us today.  (949) 645-7300. 

Jacobs & Dodds performs the following services for its Orange County business clients: 

** Advanced Skip Tracing and Asset Location 

** Accounts Receivable Collections 

** Commercial Account Collections 

** Deficiency Accounts  

** Retail Accounts Collections. 

** Commercial Unlawful Detainer Judgment Collections. 

Did you know, that the older a delinquent commercial account becomes, the more difficult it is to collect?  Statistically, once a delinquent account reaches 90 days, on average you can expect to collect only about .75 on the dollar.  At six months, you can expect to collect only about .50 on the dollar.  At nine months, typically the best you can expect to collect is about .25 on the dollar.  Don't wait any longer on your commercial collections. Call us today. 

Unless told otherwise, we assume you wish to maintain a professional relationship with your customers or clients.  We never forget that how we pursue your overdue accounts can, and often does, reflect on your reputation in your industry and in your community.



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