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Whether forming a corporation, entering into a contract, or having to defend your business in litigation, you want swift and effective legal solutions. At Jacobs & Dodds, our lawyers understand the time and effort that our clients invest in making their businesses successful. In acting as your advocate and counsel, we will devote the same time and effort to your legal concerns.

We represent small to medium-sized businesses in protecting their business interests and maximizing profits. Each attorney from our firm has over 28 years of experience directly advising and representing clients with business legal needs. Our lawyers’ extensive experience in business, large corporations, and trial experience can greatly assist you in effectively asserting your rights.

At Jacobs & Dodds, we understand your company’s bottom-line. From your initial consultation with our lawyers, to assisting you with everyday legal issues including litigation, we can provide the strategic advocacy you need to protect your business against liability and safeguard your future profits. Our business law attorneys will always remain mindful of your business interests and protect you against costly or unnecessary legal problems.

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